I love to solve problems creatively. I also enjoy helping others to cover their needs using technology. That’s why along my professional career I’ve been interested in ideation, generation and sale of quality software and digital products. With this secret desire in mind, I’ve put in practice the process shown in the home page. For years, I’ve been playing different roles, learning all the necessary resources to cover every of its phases along the way. To meet this goal, I focused my efforts on technology, business and design. And I’m proud of the obtained results. Managing, treating and analyzing lots of data, I’ve been able to create products and services aligned with customer needs in every industry I’ve worked in, especially Utilities.




I'm crazy about creative process, change and disruption.

From 2016 I'm working as DIGITAL INNOVATION PARTNER IN SUEZ SPAIN promoting and leading digital initiatives to build new products and services, and transform the corporation using disruptive methodologies.




From 2017 I've focused in GEO-GIS Product Management in ABS, the SUEZ SPAIN software factory

Between 2014 and 2017 I was leading the STRATEGY and PRODUCT MANAGEMENT in ABS, group SUEZ.



Yes. I've got a geek soul also…

In 2018 I completed the DATA SCIENTIST WITH PYTHON career path in Datacamp

In 2007 I finished my studies of COMPUTER ENGINEERING in Open University of Catalonia

Between 1999 and 2006 I managed SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS at AGBAR group IT engineering companies

In 2001 I completed a MASTER IN GIS (Geo)

Before 1999 coding SOFTWARE in different companies, especially in GIS.


I’m a very results-oriented person who leads innovative initiatives. To achieve my goals, I don’t doubt to roll up my sleeves and do every effort to guarantee success. Therefore, I believe the best way to introduce myself professionally is by my actions, by everything I do and not by what I say I can do. This is why you can find above the most relevant initiatives in which I’ve been involved in the last three years, either as a leader, consultant or collaborator. Among all, these are the ones I’m proudest of.

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User Experience & Service Design
  • Complete Design Thinking process to build a digital product applying AI to Water leak detection
  • Investigation, design and ideation to optimize field operations and mobility investment
  • Service design process to obtain new applications for Water network operation and maintenance
  • Service and product design process for a new corporate business line in Agriculture
  • Several mocks and high-fidelity prototypes generation for ideas testing
  • Data Science & IA
  • Anomalous consumption and fraud detection in Water supply services
  • Customer clustering based on consumption behavior and optimum water consumption pattern identification
  • Usage recommendations based on customer care, operation and billing data
  • Machine learning application to water leakage detection
  • Computer vision – Automatic meter reading using glasses | Automatic damage recognition and condition assessment in Water pipes
  • Others
  • Drones & robotics - Drones service for confined spaces inspection – Flind
  • Blockchain technology POCs – New business models identification base don this disruptive revolution
  • Smart Home – POCs with home virtual assistants (Alexa skills)
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Big data architecture definition and implementation for Smart Metering SaaS product | Open source and Azure alternatives study
  • Commercial activity evolution and illegal touristic offering detection based on zero consumption analysis
  • Multivariable Metering analysis (historical data, performance, location…) for a Return of Asset maximization
  • Tech and eco benchmark - Platform as a Service (PaaS) | High control vs high productivity PaaS analysis
  • High productivity PaaS offering analysis (Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Azure and Heroku)
  • IoT
  • Smart Home – Indoor water leak detection using sound technologies
  • Smart City – Location low-cost devices for urban and citizen safety
  • Hardware low-cost analysis for supervision and control PLCs replacement
  • Urban air quality monitoring using company assets (maintenance fleet)
  • Smart environment – Urban watering integrated solution using smart sensors combined with recommendation algorithms
  • Reality
  • Augmented reality – Remote assistance using AR for field operations
  • Augmented reality – Street Art related to water network assets (Marketing)
  • Mixed reality - Water networks visualization using Hololens (Microsoft)
  • Virtual reality – Advanced learning using VR for workers in extreme conditions
  • Business model innovation
  • Health life - Online community platform for urban community gardens users
  • Agriculture & eco – Fresh products digital market - eCommerce